Réka Blazsek is working on ownership: how do people come to agree about who can use what? She has also some work on so-called 'nudges'. She's a PhD student.
Francesca Bonalumi is working on commitment. Why do we commit? On what ground do we come to think that someone is committed? She has done work in developmental psychology, experimental pragmatics, experimental philosophy and experimental game theory. She is a post-doctoral researcher.
Angarika Deb is working on fairness judgments and on task distribution in the household. She is a SMASH PhD student.
Ženja Eremić is working on behavioural economics and coordination. She is completing a Master on Ecomic Policy in Global Markets at CEU.
Tamás Gomori is working on the human cognitive capacities that make social institutions possible. He is completing a Master at Mei:Cogsci, University of Vienna.
Christophe Heintz is mainly trying to catch up with what the other members do (aka leading a research group). He is a faculty member of the Department of Cognitive Science.
Ohan Hominis
Katarina Kovačević is working on how people ascribe responsibility. She is a PhD student.

Ákos Szegőfi is working on 'epistemic vigilance' and misinformation. He is a PhD student.

Guilherme Silva is working on the processes and patterns of cultural evolution. He is a PhD student.

Liuba Voronina is working on coordination and Schelling salience. She is completing a Master at Mei:CogSci, Ljubljana.
Kutlay Usta is interested in social interaction between humans and working on motivated memory and bookkeeping. He is completing a Master at Mei:CogSci, Bratislava