We are looking for participants for our online experiments


Our research aims at understanding judgments and decision making in social contexts.

You can participate to our experiments by:

  • Downloading our smartphone app: coordy

On this application, you can play games on your smartphone and get paid for your participation! You can play at home, on the train, or anywhere you are connected to the Internet. The paid sessions are announced on the application.

  • Registering through an online system: Sona

We encourage you to register to Sona using the link above, and you will be able to see the currently running experiments. You will see how long each experiment takes, what it is about and how high the compensation is. Then you can decide which experiments you want to participate in and sign up to any of the open slots.

It is a simple game that you can play in your web browser–on your phone or on your computer. You are presented with a screen with a cross for a few seconds. After it disappears, your task is to click where you last saw it.